[Requirement] Galaxy Themes App (Wallpaper, Icon, AOD, Theme) Update
2022-07-29 05:58:00
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Dear Sellers,

Thank you for distributing your themes in Galaxy Store.

Due to changes in our image solution policy, starting from Android T OS (Ver 13), apps made with older versions of Galaxy Themes Studio (GTS) will have image display errors. Therefore, starting August 1, 2022, Themes (Wallpaper, Icon, AOD, Theme) produced with old versions of GTS will be excluded in Galaxy Store. Please check the information below and verify your apps are using the latest version of GTS by July 31, 2022. If you cannot update the app before August 1, please register immediately after that and it can be re-serviced.

1. Update request

Check for Themes, Wallpaper, Icon, and AOD apps that were made with GTS Ver 9.2.01w.1 or earlier and update them using the latest version of GTS.

* Video content in the Wallpaper app does not need to be updated

2. Update request deadline

By July 31, 2022

3. How to update

(STEP 1) Check for apps that need updating

Log in to Seller Portal, select “Apps” in the menu bar at the top to display your list of apps.

- Option 1: Check app details

For apps on sale in Galaxy Store, open the App Details page (click on the For Sale status), click on the Binary tab, press the ▼ button next to the file name, and check the Theme Editor Version.
Apps whose GTS version is earlier than 9.2.01w.1 must be updated in order to continue distributing them in Galaxy Store.

- Option 2: Check by date

If you have a large number of apps registered, you can check them by date.

Apps whose 'Last Updated' date is before September 4, 2020 must be updated.

(Note that this method may be incomplete. That is, not all apps that need to be updated may be found using the "Last Updated" date.)

(STEP 2) Update to the latest version of GTS

Connect to the latest version of GTS and load the STP file of the app. After that, select Menu > Export APK, to automatically convert and update to a new APK.

(STEP 3) Re-register your updated APK

Upload the updated APK to Seller Portal.

4. Q&A

Q: What happens if I don't update my apps that were created using an older version of GTS?

A: Apps that were created using an older version of GTS and are not updated will be excluded from the download service. In addition, if a customer reinstalls and uses a non-updated app through My Stuff, Purchased items or personal SNS, the images may not display properly and you may receive a complaint and bad review from the user.

Q: I lost the STP and keystore of the app to be updated. Is there any way to update it?

A: No, this is not possible. In order to re-register the same app, the existing STP file and keystore of the target app are required.

Q: The STP is loaded, but it is not supported. Is there any way to update it?

A: This problem occurs when the STP is too old. In order to re-register the same app, you need to re-register it by using the same package name and keystore of the app you want to update.

This update policy is essential for customers who use Galaxy theme services. It allows them to continue to use their purchased apps on their devices. It is also essential for you in order to provide the best experience to your customers.

Please make sure to update your apps by the end of July 2022.

Thank you.
Galaxy Store Seller Portal Team





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