[Galaxy Themes] About closing services of magazine & PC tool, and revision of disqualification policies
2020-04-02 02:21:22
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Dear sellers,

This is Galaxy Themes Team.

We would like to make three important announcements.


1. End of Service: Galaxy Themes Magazine (May 1st)

We would like to make an announcement that Galaxy Themes Magazine website ( will be closed on May 1st, 2020

After closing, all the data such as articles and seller's interviews at Galaxy Themes Magazine website will be terminated.

Therefore, please back up by yourself until April 30th, if needed.

From now on, the important notice will be posted on Seller Portal(, as well as delivered by email and newsletter.


2. Revision of IP Infringement Policies (May 1st)

In recent, IP (Intellectual Property) infringement cases have occurred frequently.

Therefore, we are going to strengthen the relevant policies.

In the past, we issued a penalty whenever it happened and if the total number of penalty reached 3, then we disqualified the seller.

But from now on;


 ■ In case of IP infringement (Copyrights, Trademark rights, design, etc.), we may be able to disqualify the seller’s authority without prior notice

   - Seller may submit materials for explanation within 3 business days after receiving the notification of IP infringement.

   - If there is no proper explanation, or no reply to the infringement in 3 business days, then the seller will be disqualified.

    - If the seller is disqualified, then all the apps submitted in Galaxy Store will be terminated

 ■ Date to apply: May 1, 2020


As the new policy is applied, please check carefully if there is any IP infringement on your contents for sales.


3. End of Service: PC version Galaxy Themes Studio

As we have already announced, we opened new web version of Theme Studio ( on November 2019 for better stability and quick support for functions. Therefore, previous PC version support will be stopped at the end of March 2020.

We encourage you to use web version since then. Also, we would like to remind you that it might be a reason for fail at verification phase if the content you provide is not developed by the latest tool.


If you have inquiry or need further information, please contact us via Seller Portal > Customer Support > Inquiry.

Thank you.
Galaxy Themes Team 


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