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2019-07-29 05:43:09
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Greetings Galaxy Store Sellers! 

We are introducing the new statistics system.

The new statistics system operates on the statistics menu at the top of the screen, and you can view consolidated statistics or statistics for a metric by each app for the following metrics we support to provide various statistical analysis.

- Number of Downloads, Sales Overview, Ratings, Buyers Overview, etc.

Primary Features

1) Application

You can view the consolidated statistics and key performance of all your apps (contents) over time in accordance with various metrics. You can select an app you would like to view more detailed statistics.

2) Dashboard

You can review the current state for one app by statistical key metrics all at once.

3) Statistics

You can easily compare and analyze various metrics in charts that provide useful features with customizable function settings.

4) Sales Report

It provides sales trends, in-depth statistical analysis related to buyers.

Explanation for each menu

1) Application

You can view the consolidated performance for all your apps (contents) by the selected time period.

1. You can set the period (date) you want to assess in the upper right corner.

2. By selecting each metric at the top left, you can monitor the consolidated performance of all your apps based on the selected metric.

3. At the bottom, you can view the performance of each app (content) based on the key metric during the selected time period.

4. Select an app to review more detailed statistics for each app. It also provides Find an app feature.

2) Dashboard

To view your app’s dashboard:

1. Select an app from the Application menu, or select Dashboard from the left navigation menu.

Each card displays assessed statistic metric with its plotted chart below based on the selected date range in the configuration with filters in the upper side of Dashboard, and is classified by the category of each metric.

• When you click the connected icon button in the upper right side of each card, you can instantly view the chart in a pop-up window. 

• The chart displays the value of the comparison period as a dotted line. The comparison date range can be set in the calendar widget.

Note : If you’re curious about the meaning of the metric, hover over the exclamation mark icon next to the metric terminology.

3) Statistics

You can compare two or more metrics in a chart and analyze in-depth statistic data while applying various filters such as period, country, device model, etc.

1. Select an app to analyze in the Application menu.

2. Tap Statistics menu on the left.

3. Set the date range in the upper right side of the screen.

• To compare with another date range, turn on the “Comparison” function in the calendar widget and set the period for comparison.

4. Select metric (metric to measure) and choose period, operator, device model, country, etc. Two or more metrics can be selected.

• Please note that not all filters are supported for some metrics due to differences in data.

5. You can configure various measurement periods in the date selection at the upper right side. (weekly, monthly, annually, customization by user)

6. Charts are displayed in two ways and separated by two tabs.

• Consolidated result: It displays one combined line of the applied result based on joining the selected filters by user.

• Split-up result: It displays multiple different lines of the applied result based on each filter.  

  -  Save statistics result and retrieve it from the repository

You can save statistics results you have assessed by measurement metrics with setting up the filters and retrieve them later from the repository.

• Save the result of the current screen by tapping on “Report” at the top right of the statistics screen.

• If you click the saved list of report, the saved result can be displayed again.

  -  Report Output

The data displayed on the current statistics screen can be downloaded as an Excel CSV file by clicking the download icon on the top right of the statistics screen.

  -  Tips for Statistics Data Analysis

• By selecting two or more metrics of measurement can be set simultaneously you can get result with insightful analysis. 

• You can view using metric comparisons to analyze sales performance and ratings trends.

• You can compare app performance from the current period to the same period in a previous year.

4) Sales Report

It provides in-depth analysis information related to the sales trends, buyers overview.

(Note) The sales amount is an estimated sales amount and may differ from the final payout result.

  -  Sales Trend

Sales reports enable app sales analysis, item and subscription sales analysis, and buyer analysis.

1. At the top-right of your screen, select the date range you want to view.

2. A graph is displayed that show sales data by sales product type.

3. You can download data as Excel file format.

  -  Buyers

1. On the screen where the buyer menu is selected, select the carrier, device model, and country filter.

2. The data of the filter you want to assess is displayed as a graph in the bottom area.

3. Number of buyers: All buyers data based on the filter you selected appears by region, country, and top ranking countries.

4. The average revenue per paid buyers tab allows you to analyze the daily, 30-Day Rolling Average of ARPPU information for the last 30 days.

Useful statistics metrics that we support:

The new statistics system supports various statistics metrics in the following list.


1. I want to view all of the downloaded contents within the specific time period (days). 

1) At the top-right of application screen, select “Custom” to set the specific period (days).

2) In the lower-left select box, choose “Download” metric.

3) Tap the download icon next to “Find” at the bottom.

4) You can view the number of downloads by content on the downloaded CSV file within the selected time period.

2. Item sales report

- Sales report > Revenue > Revenue by product type(Item Sales) > Download excel

3. Statistics update time

- The statistics updates will start daily on GMT +00:00 to process previous data and update statistics approximately 9 hours after processing.

If you have questions, select Seller Portal > Support > Contact us for inquiries.


Thank you.


Seller Portal Team



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